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April 20, 2019
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What is a Sexual Fetish and is it a problem?

Nov 22, 2018

A fetish is an excitement when your brains respond to certain body parts or objects, and they are not sexual typically. For example, feet or shoes. Fetishes are more common in men, but that does never mean that you watched your girlfriend/partner on high heels during intercourse, and you liked it.

The object of fetish should be in the hand of the person, or they fantasize about it while they are with a partner or alone and get aroused sexually and have an organism.

Mere smell, rubbing, tasting or holding the object can make them masturbate or they may ask their partner to wear them during intercourse.

How do fetishes happen in some men?

Fetishes are something that might have started with anything in the world. In some people, you can trace it back to their childhood when they didn’t even know what sex really is, or might have come through watch sexual behavior in an inappropriate way in their childhood. It could have come from even sexual abuse during their childhood.

Is it okay to have fetishes?

Sexual fetishes until they aren’t intense, and not causing any lasting distress aren’t really a disorder. If someone is doing it themselves or with their partner and they are happy, then nothing is wrong with it. But as soon as someone forces other to participate in his or her fetishes, then it becomes a big problem.

When someone out of control of their fetishes, then they have a disorder. They might disappear from home or work and practice their secret fetish secretly. This kind of fetishes makes them cheat their partner, not make them do their job.

Suppose your partner requested you to wear your high heels. Then it’s okay, won’t be much of a problem. But what if your partner asks you to leave your shoes in the room and to go and sleep in the other room. Now, that’s a big problem.

People who have such disorders may even steal to have the object he desires. They won’t be able to have a good sexual relationship with their partners. They would like to be left alone with their fetish object.

People also have fetishes, and they enjoy with their partners, such as sadism, masochism, and domination, also called as BDSM. Till everyone involved are in agreement, it is okay. No one is getting hurt, and everyone involved is happy.

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